About Waveform


Waveform Technology ( WFT ) is a reputed manufacturer based in Taiwan for the optical communication component field.

WFT has experienced R&D team in Passive / Active Optical Fiber Components. Our mission is quick respond with high quality products to exceed customer's expectation. In the OEM / ODM field of optical communication components, WFT is also one of the few professional manufacturers in Taiwan that has the ability provide customization products. WFT designs, manufacturing and quality assurance activities to carry out excellent performance and full range of Passive/Active Optical Fiber products to serve our customers all over the world. In addition, we also devoted ourselves in environment protection. To save the mother earth from pollutions is one of our mission statements.

WFT has provided a broad range of Optical Fiber components products. The main products are included Optical Fiber Patch-cord (Pigtail, Connector, Adapter), Mini Armored Patch-cord, Attenuator, Coupler, Transceiver Module and Media Converter are design and produced for applying in Telecommunication, LAN (Local Area Network), Wide Area Networks(WANs), Storage Networks(SANs),, etc.